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Hi everyone! I am at the start of my 5th week of junior year of college. I have finally finished setting up my room, and I’m so excited to share pictures with you all! I am living in a on campus apartment with 4 people and we all have our our own rooms. There is also a kitchen, living room and bathroom.



Most of my decorations I actually made myself! The three canvases on the wall by me bed, and the one by my door I made. They at really easy to make, you just need and canvas,tape, and paint. For the Lilly Pulitzer patterned one I printed out the Lilly print and used Mod Podge to put it on a blank canvas. I also did the same thing for the Lilly printed K, except I  bought a wooden K from Michaels.

I got my comforter freshman year, it is Kate Spade from Bed Bath and Beyond. It is one of my favorite parts of my room. I based most of my other decorations off of it. The big blue square pillow I found in the clearance section at Home Goods, I think it was only $7! The navy blanket and pillow on the end of my bed are both from Target, I also bought those freshman year. The monogramed pillow and the sheets are from Pottery Barn, I also bought those freshman year.

One of my newest editions to my room is the headboard, which I just got this year. I bought it from an Etsy shop called GrayWhaleHome. The headboard came within about 2 weeks and is the perfect thing to tie my room together. You can definitely tell that the headboard is very well made and it even has hook on it if you wanted to hang it! The second new addition to my room are the lights, mine from last year unfortunately broke. I bought the lights on sale at Target for about $8. Another new addition to my room is the rug. I also got it from Target, its the perfect size for my room and its very soft and fluffy. The last new edition to my room this year are my picture wall. I had some pictures last year but not alot. I actually bought the pictures from Shutterfly. Right now they have a deal going on if you order prints of a certain size on their app, they are free you just have to pay for shipping!