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Hello everyone! I hope you all had an amazing week, and have some fun plans for the weekend! I wanted to talk to you about something I am so excited to share. So a few weeks ago I became an ambassador for a company called Port of McCall.  Port of McCall sell these amazing watches, and you can buy a watch or a strap. So how it works is you just pick the watch with which ever strap you like best, and something that’s really cool is that the watch face comes off and you can change the strap.

The watches with the NATO strap (which are their normal straps in different colors and patterns) retail for $79.00. They also have special needlepoint watches that are a little more expensive at $130.00. If you want to buy another strap for your watch, they retail at $11.99.

Make sure you use my code, “kaybella” to receive 15% off your purchase!!!

Click here to go to the Port of McCall website


My Watch 

Pearle’s Cove N.A.T.O. Strap with POMS41 v.1 $79.00