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Hi everyone!! I hope you all are having a great weekend! I want to start off by saying that I am really excited to tell you all about this new product I found. I also want to let you new that this post is in no way associated with the brand Rossi, I found their nail powders on Instagram and my mom actually bought it for me for my birthday. Okay so back to the product review! Like I said I found this product on Instagram and I normally don’t act upon product I see on social media, but this nail powder really intrigued me. I am someone who has my nails painted like 95% of the time. While I do love getting a mani/pedi, the price just adds up to keep my nails looking nice. Most of the time I tend to just paint my nails my self at home and get them done at a salon before I go away to treat myself. When I do get them done I tend to get gel polish on my nails. Something that made me really interested in the Rossi Nails product was that the starter kit for the dip powder and polish was only $35, which is a little more than one gel manicure, so to me the price definitely made sense. I was a little apprehensive because the price was very low and it came with the base coat, activator, topcoat, and colored powder.

After doing some research and watching some YouTube video reviews of the product, I decided that I would give it a try. The trial kit comes with a choice of three colors; I ended up buying the polish and powder separately (which ended up only being a few dollars more) because I wanted to find a specific light pink color as close to Essie’s Fiji.  My mom ended up getting it for me and giving it to me for my birthday, so when I finally got it I couldn’t wait to try it. Just a side note, a lot of the reviews mentioned that the product worked but you really kind of had to be pretty good at painting your nails. I have been painting my own nails for a long time now, so I have become pretty good at doing it. I do get what the reviews are talking about. If you are used to painting your nails yourself, than I think you will love this product! I have already used it twice, and I absolutely love. People think that my nails were done in a salon, and when I tell them I did them myself everyone wants to know what kind of polish it is and where I got it. I know that some nail salons do the dip powder manicures, however none of the ones near me have it. I feel like the polish is a mix between gel and acrylic

The process of doing the dip powder is pretty simple, but it does take a little longer than just a normal manicure. You paint the base coat on your nails and dip you nails into the powder. The instructions say that you can do this one or two more times, however I found that two times was a perfect amount for my nails and three times was almost too much. Once you have dipped them and brushed off the excess powder, you apply one coat of the activator. Once that dries for a minute or two, it is time to file. Because the polish is a powder, it is necessary to file, shape and buff the little bumps out. Next you apply another coat of the activator, and once that is all dry you add two coats or the topcoat. To remove the polish it is the same with any gel or acrylic polish. I like to use acetone on a cotton ball and wrap it on my nails using a small piece of foil.

Over all I do really love this product and I can’t wait to buy more colors of the powder!!