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Hi everyone! I am now going to try to do 3 blog posts a week. So I am planning on posting them on Sunday, Tuesdays, and Thursdays! I am so excited to continue to expand the blog. So today’s blog is all about some of my outfits I wore on my recent trip to the Bahamas. They happen to both be from Old Navy. I have been loving all the their clothes (especially their dresses). The first one comes in a few different colors. I usually don’t go for the maxi dresses, but this might be my new favorite dress for summer. It is so comfortable and and the pattern is so cute for summer. The second dress is also going along the floral theme. This wrap dress fits perfectly, which sometimes not the case with wrap dresses for me. As always the outfit details and down below. 



Outfit Details

Outfit One: dress // shoes 

Outfit Two: dress // shoes // sunglasses