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Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a great day. I am back with a Disney trip post.  I did write a post about my favorite drinks I tried during my trip (here), but I wanted to share some other things from trip, like my outfits!

One of my favorites things about planning a trip to Disney, is of course what I am going to wear. The last few times I have gone, I have actually been looking to Etsy for cute customized shirts. This shirt I wore from last year’s trip to Disney World was from Etsy.



This year we went to the parks for two days, so naturally I needed two outfits. For my first day, it was the colder of the two days so I wore jeans and t-shirt and a sweatshirt. If you are doing a full day at Disney, it is a bit chillier in the morning and evening, so I always bring a sweatshirt and just tie it around my waist or put it in my backpack during the afternoon. The second day it was a little warmer so instead of jeans, I wore cropped leggings.

Know on to the tops! I have been following PinkSundaysStudio on Instagram for a few months now, and her Etsy shop has the cutest Disney stuff. When I saw this pink Disney snacks tee, I knew it would go perfect with my rose gold ears! (When I posted this on Instagram, I realized my ears are on backwards)



My second day outfit I wore a t-shirt, that I also got from Etsy. I had some issues with the timing of receiving this top. Just be careful with triple checking with the owner of any Etsy when you need the shirt by before you order, and you should be good! The shirt it self was really great quality and the colors are totally customizable to what you want, which I loved.  tried to find the shop and same shirt, but it seems as the shop has disappeared! I will link a shirt that looks similar here!



I also got a sweatshirt from PinkSundaysStudio as well. She has these sweatshirts that are inspired by the Gucci logo, that say Mickey. I thought it was the cutest, and would be the perfect thing to keep me warm in the morning and evenings watching fireworks!



I wanted to as talk about some tips of what else to wear. What you are wearing as your bottoms depends on the weather. When I went it was on the chillier side since it was January, so I wore jeans and cropped leggings. If the weather is warmer of course shorts would be a better option. Whatever you decided I would definitely make sure you are comfortable because you will be doing a lot of walking. This brings me into my next tip about footwear. If you are planning on going to the parks all day from opening to closing, I strongly suggest wearing your most comfortable shoes like sneakers. By the end of two full days my feet were killing me! You are walking miles a day and standing on lines for maybe hours, the last think you want are blisters.

Another crucial part of your Disney outfit is of course your accessories. The first thing I wanted to talk about was your bag. I always bring some kind of bag with me into the park to hold all my things. I have thing one drawstring bag, that I got in Disneyland 5 years ago that I always bring with me. It holds plenty of things and it just pulls shut. I also brought this adorable Disney fanny pack, my mom got me for Christmas.  I love using this because it was of course Disney themed and I didn’t have to actually hold anything.The other accessory I wanted to talk about was ears! I love wearing ears/hat when I go to Disney. There are so many different kinds they sell in the parks, and even more options on websites such as Etsy. Shop some of my favorites below!