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Hi everyone! I hope you are doing well and keeping busy while staying inside. I am really excited to share today’s post all about at home photoshoots! Whether you are a blogger and need some inspiration or just bored at home, I put together some of the photoshoots I have done during quarantine.

For the first photoshoot, all you will need is your camera/phone and a sheet! The day I took the pictures is was dark and rainy, so I also pulled out my ring light, but its not necessary. So basically what you do it drape the sheet over your camera are yourself and go for it. It took a few tries to figure out not to have the sheet on my head making my hair all frizzy, but other wise I really love how these turned out. It was a fun a different view for a picture. You can also add more or less of the sheet into the frame to change the picture. Here are some of my favorites.



The next photoshoot was something I saw on TikTok. You just need to take your camera/phone and a mirror outside. I also decided to add flowers as a fun prop. There was a bit of trial and error with the sun and the mirror reflection, but I eventually figured it out! Here are some of my favorite:



The last photoshoot is a little more general, get creative with space you have! I usually take my pictures outside because the lighting can be better, but since we cant leave I have been trying to find ways to take pictures in my yard. With it still be being a bit cold, its not like I can take a picture sitting by the pretty flowers or my pool. I really had to think about new places to take pictures. I also wanted to take a picture in one of my cozy outfit inside, so I took it right near a big window so I could get some natural light. I have also found that props help alot when you can necessarily change up your background as much. I used flowers and my smoothie as an example!