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Hi everyone! I hope you are all staying safe and healthy. I have been trying to come up with anything and everything to keep myself entertained during this crazy time (as I’m sure everyone has been doing). So I thought I would share some of the fun thing I have been doing with you all.


Tie Dye

Tie dye clothing has quickly become very popular right now. People (including myself) have been starting to their own DIY tie dye projects for a fun activity these days. Because of this a lot of places online are sold out/low on tie dying kits and plain white sweatshirts/shirts. Going alone with that there is bleach tie dying, which is using bleach to lighten a dark fabric instead of dye. This was the method I used. I took an old sweatshirt, and cut off the hood and bottom. The next thing I did was start in the middle and twist the sweatshirt and secure it with 4 rubber bands. Then I used a half bleach half water solutions, put it on the sweatshirt. The first try I didn’t work very well, I think the bleach was just too old. I found another container and that one worked much better. I left it on for about an hour and half, you can just keep an eye on it till it reach my desired color. I rinsed the bleach out with cold water and put it in the washer & dryer. I did make a TikTok of how I made it, if want to see how I did it (here).  Here is how it turned out!



Pick Up a New (or Old) Hobby 

In high school I took a lot of art classes, and I loved painting and drawing. I took AP art my senior year, and I had one or two pieces of of art each week. When I went to college, I didn’t really have time so I stopped. That is until about a a week and a half ago! I pulled out my old art supplies and started on a new water color painting. I didn’t realize how much I missed!  I have also started baking and cooking a lot over the past few weeks. I have made banana bread, cookies, brownies, risotto, and chicken potpie.  I encourage you all to try something you haven’t done in a while or maybe something totally new! Here are some of my paintings I have been working on.




Have a Photoshoot

I wrote a whole blog post about at home photoshoot ideas (here). As a blogger, its hard to be confined to my house for pictures, so I have had to get a little more creative. I have had a lot of fun doing these fun photoshoots, and love how the pictures turned out. I can’t to try out some more fun photoshoots! Here are my favorites, check out the post for more!



Start a New Show

Netflix and Disney+ have quickly become my best friends. There are some new releases on both of them that are really good. I thought I would share some of my favorites shows I have watched on Netflix