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ProLon was kind enough to gift me their 5 day program, but all opinions are my own!

I had the opportunity to try out ProLon, and after a lot of research I was very excited to give it a try. ProLon is a 5-day restricted calorie, plant- based meal program designed to mimic fasting without a water-only fast. It’s benefits include metabolic health, weight loss, and healthy aging. The program contains 5 boxes for each day with soups, bars, snacks, drinks, and supplements. It provides about 1,1150 calories on day 1 and 800 calories on the rest of the days. The ProLon program was scientifically developed and tested at the University of Southern California Longevity Institute.


For the 5 day meal program, you receive a box that contains a prolon water bottle and 5 smaller boxes with everything needed for each day. There is also a pamphlet with information and the meal program of what to eat during each day. Below is everything that was included for the first day of the program. The bars and soups were really tasty, I liked the tomato one the best. Throughout the 5 days I didn’t really feel like I was starving or anything like that, which was one of my worries doing this fast mimicking program.



After the first day of the program, there was also a drink included. You add the L-drink to the water bottle provided along with water and the hibiscus tea bags provided. Depending on your weight, you add a specific amount using the measurement on the bottle. I drank it throughout the day and since I added the the tea bags, it did taste really good!


Overall I really did like doing this program. For me personally, after doing this 5 day meal program I did feel like I was less bloated and did loose 4 pounds in the the 5 days. Of course a lot of that was most likely water weight, but I did overall feel better and felt like I had more energy. My personal reasoning for trying this program was to kind of reset/ cleanse my system to help the start of my personal journey to try to be more healthier.

I wanted to share my thoughts while doing this program a little more in depth than just the instagram stories I did a few weeks ago. If this is something you are interested in trying I would definitely suggest looking at the prolon site for more specifics about the program to see if it is something that will be good for you. If you want to order this program and find some more info you can click here!