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Hi everyone! Happy November! Wow that’s so crazy to say. I hope you had the best Halloween this weekend. Now that we are past Halloween, it’s full on holidays in the blogging world. My plan for this month is to do something I have never done (and might regret/ not entirely complete lol), but I am excited for. I am going to post a new blog post every weekday during November to share all things holiday and gif guides with you all. I have everything planned out, so hopefully it will happen!! I thought I would start out slow and start with some Thanksgiving posts. I wanted to start it out with some Thanksgiving day outfit ideas. I know it might be a little different this year, but I still want to share some cute (but also comfy) outfits in case you like to get a bit more dressed up. Tomorrow I will be sharing some casual options!


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I have the rust dress on the right bottom corner and it is so cute and it is made of almost a sweatshirt material, so it’s so comfy. For my Thanksgiving outfit I think I’m going to get the skirt and wear it it with the cream sweater (which I have and love).