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Hi everyone! It’s been a little while since I have put up a post on here, but it’s time to start getting back to posting her here for you all. I wanted to start off by sharing some of the recent purchases I have bought. Even though it is currently very much snowing outside here, I have been on a spring shopping kick. I think I’m just hoping if I have some pretty spring thing maybe the warmer weather will come a little faster. Considering the snow outside, it’s obviously not working too well.

The first thing I ordered was the “famous” blue and white floral dress from Target. It also comes in black and a pink floral. Let me tell you I definitely think it’s worth the hype. Even though I don’t usually go for tighter dresses, I think this dress is so pretty and really flattering. I can’t wait to wear it when the weather is warmer.

The next place I ordered from was Showpo. I only placed my first order there a couple of weeks ago when I ordered the dress for my birthday pictures. I got it on sale and it was so pretty, so I had to order some more dresses for spring. They were having 30% off dresses and I found  a pretty one in the sale section. I ended up getting three floral dresses, one maxi and two short ones.

I also placed an order from Shein. I have only ordered from them once before like three years ago, and like two out of the four things either didn’t fit or wasn’t great quality. So I just never really wanted to order from there again, but I decided to give it another try. I ended up ordering a pair of heels, a maxi skirt, a bathing suit, some headbands, and a pair of sunglasses. Everything I got I actually really love. The only thing is the shoes are a tad big, but other than that I was pleasantly surprised with everything this time around.


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