Hi Everyone!! I am so excited for this blog post. This post is actually a collab with one of my friends, Sam who runs the Disney Instagram @butfirstmagic with her sister!! We are going to be talking all about our favorite Disney World Treats. Hey guys! I’m Sam from @butfirstmagic! My sister, Michelle, and I started this account about a year ago to share our love for Disney with everyone.[…]

Hi everyone! Right now I am sitting in the airport waiting for my delayed flight, listening to the Disney Hits playlist on Apple Music. I’m so excited to be sharing this post with you all! On Wednesday I got to visit my favorite and most magical place, Disney World!! It was my first time back since I went freshman year of college for my high school graduation present from my[…]

Hello everyone!! I am so excited to share this travel post with you all. I went to Rome the other day, and it was amazing. I felt like Lizzie McGuire the whole day.  I saw the Vatican, the Trevi fountain, and the Colosseum. All places I had only dreamed about one day seeing. My friends and I started the day with a tour of the the Vatican museum and the[…]

Hello Everyone!! This past weekend I went and visited my new favorite place, Monaco. My visit was a part of a trip provided by my school, so I went to a bunch of different places. I was only in Monaco and Monte Carlo for the day, even though I wish it was longer! First, I went to Monaco and went to visit the the area where the palace is. It[…]

Hello everyone! So every week or so depending if I am traveling, I will be putting up a blog post about the different places I visit. This past weekend, as you will know if you saw my Instagram, I was visiting Interlaken. This is a beautiful town in Switzerland that is right in between two lakes. I was lucky enough to stay right in the heart of Interlaken at the[…]

Hello everyone! Sorry I have been a little MIA the past few weeks! I have actually been getting ready and moving back to school. I am so excited to share all of that with you within the next upcoming weeks! But right now I wanted to tell you all about my amazing trip to Maine a few weeks ago. So I love Maine, it’s is one of the most beautiful[…]

If you saw my latest post, you would know that I had spend last weekend in Washington D.C.! This city is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to visit. There is just so many fun things to do and see, such as numerous museums and beautiful places to just take a walk like The National Mall. I figured I would take you through some of my favorite things to[…]