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Hello everyone! So every week or so depending if I am traveling, I will be putting up a blog post about the different places I visit. This past weekend, as you will know if you saw my Instagram, I was visiting Interlaken. This is a beautiful town in Switzerland that is right in between two lakes.

I was lucky enough to stay right in the heart of Interlaken at the Hotel City Oberland. The town is small enough to walk everywhere, but they do have buses that go all over the town. The first day I was there I walked about 35 minutes to Lake Brienz. The view was beautiful. We were lucky because it was sunny and clear so you could see everything.

For dinner the first night we went to this place called Balmers. Its actually a hostel, but they do have a restaurant that serves fondue. Some of us got cheese fondue and some of us got chocolate fondue.

The second day we were there one of my friends and I went kayaking. We did it through a company called High Tide Kayaking. We had some troubles with the booking, but the actually ride totally made up for it. It was just my friend and I, three other girls, and an instructor. It was such an amazing and fun experience. We kayaked around Lake Brienz and stopped to explore a castle, where the instructor gave us tea and chocolate. Oh, and it was snowing the whole time! I know kayaking in the snow sounds a bit displeasing, but it made everything more beautiful. The only thing I would have like was if it was a little bit more clear. As you will be able to tell from the pictures we had to wear these yellow and gray suits that kept us warm, which were very fashionable if I do say so myself.

The water was really as blue as in the pictures. I look like the bright blue water in the caribbean. While the pictures definitely don’t give this beautiful place justice, they are still pretty amazing.