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Hello everyone!! I am so excited to share this travel post with you all. I went to Rome the other day, and it was amazing. I felt like Lizzie McGuire the whole day.  I saw the Vatican, the Trevi fountain, and the Colosseum. All places I had only dreamed about one day seeing.

My friends and I started the day with a tour of the the Vatican museum and the Sistine Chapel. It was just as incredible as you can imagine. After that we went over to the Trevi fountain. of course I took tons of pictures and threw a coin into the fountain and made a wish! on our way to the Colosseum we made a pit stop into the Magnum store. They have locations all over the world, so I would definitely recommend finding the one closest to you and visiting it. We just took pictures outside the Colosseum because we didn’t have enough time to  take the tour inside. I can’t wait to go back because there is so much stuff I still want to do! I have also included some pictures from my visit to the Duomo in Florence! It was such an amazing view of all of Florence.