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Hello Everyone! This past weekend I went exploring one of my favorite cities, Washington D.C. I wore the cutest dress that was light and flowy making it perfect for the very high temperatures of summer. This dress is from this really amazing website called Red Dress Boutique. They have the cutest dresses, jumpsuits, bathing suits, and accessories, all at pretty affordable prices. I would definitely recommend checking them out! A little tip, if you see something that you really want, and they have it in your size, make sure you order it, because they do sell out of some products pretty quickly because they are so popular! When I originally went to buy this dress, I put it in my cart and went to buy it a few hours later and it was sold out. Thankfully they did restock the dress. If you put your email down they send an email when the product back in stock, which is so helpful! There is a bag that they sell, that I have been wanting, but it sells out so fast when they restock it. Its you want some info on the dress, it is linked below the pictures!

Also, side note I know my shoes don’t really match the dress, but I sprained my ankle so I have to wear a brace and these are the only shoes that fit well with the brace on! But this gives me an opportunity to talk about the most comfortable sandals I have ever owned!! They are from Lulu’s. I am wearing the black and white striped, they also come in blue/white stripes, black and tan. I have been waiting for them to come back in stock, but they are always sold out!




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