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Hi everyone! I am so excited to share this post with you all. In my event planning class this semester, I had the opportunity to plan some really amazing events. One of my favorites I planned one a team with two other girls, it was an Influencer Panel. Since there were only three of us we all did a lot of work to make this event go smoothly, I was able to get a ton of experience in all that goes into planning an event!

The plan for the event was to get three influencers to come speak on a panel about how they got started and what they do. Also, we had a series of questions for them to answer, and than the audience asked questions. We also planned for a reception with food and mocktails. The whole process started with of course the influencers. In the beginning we were of course hoping for three, but even if we could get one we would be happy. After many emails, and not many responses, we were able to get three incredible influencers: Simone from Simply by Simone, Courtney from Manhattan and Mimosas, and Audree from Simply Audree Kate.


Leading up to the event there were so many thing that had to be done such as designing and hanging the posters, planning the menu, and getting everything approved from the sponsor. The day of started bright and early at the event location making sure that everything was set up. I was in charge of going to pick up Courtney and Audree from the train station. Once we arrived back the location, one of the other girls on the team arrived with Simone. We had a breakfast set up for the influencers before the panel started. I ended up being the moderator for the event, which was a little terrifying at first, but after a few minutes I was much more comfortable! It was so amazing to hear all about all of their blogging experiences, their work and day to day lives. It was very eye opening for me, who is someone who hopes to be in that position one day. Besides learning so much, getting to meet and talk to these incredible women I learned so much. I couldn’t have asked for better people to come to speak and for an event that went very well. The experience helped me learn a lot and I can’t wait to do something like it again in the future, and maybe next time I will be one of the influencers on the panel!