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Hi everyone!! I hope you all had an amazing week, we made it to Friday!! I went to target yesterday on the hunt for some cute clothes. I found some really adorable dresses. I didn’t intend for it to be only dresses, but it was just kind how it happened! Let me tell you, Target’s clothing selection recently has been amazing. They just have so many cute and fashionable brands: A New Day, Wild Fable, and Who What Wear. They are also so affordable, which is of course always a plus!

I absolutely love this dress and the one below. They are the same dress just two different patterns! I am wearing a medium in the pink on and a small in the blue one. I think that the small fit a little better. This fabric is light and airy so perfect for the summer. I am definitely going back for one if not both of them for my vacation in the middle of August. I am going to a beach town and will be spending most of my time in my bathing suit because it is so hot, so this dress is perfect for going to dinner in the heat.


I have been loving maxi dress, and I am always on the look out for them. I really liked this one because the pattern is so fun and it is so comfy!!


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This last dress is made out of the softest fabric, and it is so comfy!! I couldn’t find it on, but I will keep an eye out and keep checking! I also went through and saw some many other cute dresses that my Target didn’t have, so I thought I would share some more of my favorites with you!