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Hi everyone! I hope you had an amazing weekend! It’s New York Fashion Week this week so I have been in the city running around. I attended several shows during three shows, so I figured the easiest ways to share it all with you was to break it down by each day. So i will do a post for each of the three days and will share the shows I attended as well as my outfits! So my first day was on Thursday, so it was technically the second day of NYFW, but it was the first for me.

My Outfit

I knew that I would need at least three outfits, so I looked at so many places for outfits. My first dress is from from the brand Row A from Nordstrom Rack. It was such a perfect dress to wear because event hough it was long sleeved, it was very light. So this was perfect for the chillier morning and evening I was out, but I wasn’t sweating during the warmer temperature during the day.

The Shows

This was my first time attending NYFW as a blogger, so I was so excited! My first day I had a show at 9am and 9pm. The morning show was the Blancore show at Spring Studios. I ended up getting a seat number, so I was allowed to go right in. Even though my ticket had a seat, it ended up being a standing ticket. Some of my friends from school had been working the show, so it was nice to see some familiar faces when I got in. A lot of the time if you don’t have a seat, once they let everyone in they will tell who ever is standing to just fill in the seats. I was really lucky because one of the people working on the show just brought me to a seat in the front row, as those are the most important seats to fill. It was so amazing to watch the show from the front.


The show I went to at night was the Affair Show. At this show while I was waiting in line, I made friends with a really sweet girl, Alex. She is the sweetest, I even got to see her at the Sunday Night show! The Affair Show was full of gorgeous dresses and gowns with bright colors, fringe and jewels.




I had so much fun my first day of NYFW this year! I will be posting another 2 NYFW post, one recapping Saturday and one recapping Sunday. So keep an eye out!