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Hi everyone! Happy Friday, we made it to the weekend! I hope you had a great week! Earlier this week I decided that I wanted to get my nails Fall ready. My nails had been breaking recently, so I didn’t want to get gel because my nails were so short. I have gotten acrylic nails once before, so I was planning on looking into getting acrylics. However, I decided to look into buying the stuff I needed for acrylics and try to do it myself. I was at Bed Bath and Beyond and I saw  Kiss Salon Acrylic Natural Nails. They were only $5, so I decided to give it a try. Guys I am so glad I did. They were so easy to put on and cut/file to the length I wanted. I just glued them on with glue provided, cut and shaped them, and than I painted the nails with a polish I had. They look so good, and like I went to a salon and got some acrylics, but a fraction of the price.

After my nail adventure this week, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite Fall nail polish colors with you all!



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