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Hi everyone! Happy Friday! I hope you all had a great week, and its finally the weekend! Guys, how is it already October 18th?? I can’t believe Halloween is only 13 days away! I love Halloween, and getting to dress up as what every you want to. Last year I was a vampire, Belle, and the Average Joe’s. In college we would go out to the bar or to a party, so we did something on more than one day. Now that I have graduated, I didn’t really make any plans yet for Halloween, so Im not even sure if I am going to be dressing up this year. However I still want to share some easy costume ideas I have!




Bodysuit // Leggings // Fanny Pack // Leg Warmers // Sneakers


I think this costume is so fun and easy to do! There are also so many color options for this costume. If you stick to bright, neon colors you are good. Its also a comfortable costume you won’t mind wearing all day/night! You can add some bright eyeshadow and lipstick, and a scrunchie in your hair to finish up the look.


Bodysuit // Tutu // Gloves // Tiara // Pearls


I love this outfit! It’s such a classic and well known costume option, and you will feel like a princess with the tiara! I thought it would be fun idea to have the outfit with a tutu and bodysuit. If you don’t want to wear a tutu, you can just find a classic little black dress to pair with the accessories.


Turtleneck // Dress // Ears // Boots


The last costume is probably the easiest of the three. Since animal print is so popular right now, most people probably have some kind of leopard print dress or top. It would be easy to pair it with some ears and make up. I did make up for this look and I used a felt tip eyeliner and a gold eyeliner to create the spots. It may look challenging (trust me I was a little apprehensive to try it), its not as hard as it looks. It’s not supposed to look perfect so I think this helps a lot.