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Hi everyone! I hope you are having a great weekend so far. It just snowed here on Long Island, even though it May! Luckily it only lasted like 15 minutes. Since I am stuck at home, I have been doing a loot of online shopping and browsing. I though I would share some of the things that have been in my cart this week.


Silicone Straws: I usually like to use straws to drink my daily smoothies, but since plastic straws are bad for the many reasons, I have been looking into a reusable option. I personally am not a big fan of metal straws so I was excited to see that silicone straws was an option! This was such a great deal for eight straws and two cleaners for only $6.99 on Amazon.

Tie Dye Biker Shorts: Biker shorts have been so popular lately, so I have been wanting to try a pair. When I saw these from Lane 201 boutique I knew I had to try them. The first time I saw them they were sold out, but a few days later they restocked them. I ordered them and they show be here in a few days!

Pink Dress: I saw this dress from Lane 201 when I was going to buy the biker shorts and I thought it was so cute and only $35! So of course I had to order it, and it will be arriving in a few days as well.

Tula 24 Hour Moisture Hydrating Day & Night Cream: This is my go to moisturizer, but I have run out so I need to order more. I have tried many moisturizers for my face and this one is one of my favorite. I even checked and my 15% off code “KAYLA15” still works!

Vince Camuto Ydelle Sandal: I am always browsing DSW for good deals on cute shoes. I found these ones this morning and are only $19.99! They are so cute for a summer sandal.

Glass Screen Protector: I was working out the other day and my phone fell. Of course the screen protector broke, so I had to order a new one. I found this one on Amazon with a lot of amazing reviews and it was only $12.99 for 3 of them. I of course loved the prices, but the product is so good. If you have ever attempted to put on a screen protector you know its really hard to get it perfect. This comes with wipes and stickers to clean your screen. It also comes with a tray for easy application. It took me all of 2 minutes and it looks great.

Polka Dot Skirt Set: I saw this set on Sidney (@Sidneymarieduke) and I thought it would be so cute for summer. It is from Amazon and come in a bunch of different colors! I just ordered this one, so I am excited to try it.


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