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Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday and the second day of many blogposts this month. Yesterday I shared some Thanksgiving outfits, if you are looking to wear something on the nicer side. I thought today I would share some super casual options, if you don’t really want to get dressed up but still want a festive look. So today I have rounded up some super cute Thanksgiving t-shirts and sweatshirts.


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I found a few really cute graphic tees as well as sweatshirts from three of my favorite places: Target, Pink Lily, and Shop Hopes. Some of the tees and sweatshirts from Pink Lily come in both a sweatshirt and t-shirt options, so I linked both. For example that maroon “thankful, grateful, blessed” sweatshirt in my collage also comes in a t-shirt. For the two middle tees (from Target) make sure to read the comments as I know a lot of times Target tees are cropped so I like to size up a size or two. I also shared a tee and sweatshirt from Shop Hope’s and if you like either of those I do have a coupon code “Kaybella15” which will save you 15%!