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Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday, we made it half way through the week. We are on day 3 of my holiday content here on my blog, and my first gift guide for the year. I figured I would start off with some of my favorite products and gift sets.

To start off my beauty gift guide I am sharing my brush set I use that I got last year for Christmas. It’s only $10 on Amazon and I love these brushes. I have been using them every time I do my makeup for the past year and they are still great. I had to include my favorite hair dryer brush. I love how easy and quick it makes drying and styling my hair. The next thing on my gift guide is the TAO Clean Orbital Facial Brush, I actually got it for Christmas last year. I love using it to wash my face. I love how clean my face is and its a great way to exfoliate your face.

The other product that I wanted to talk about is the Tula set. They released their holiday sets and they are so good. You know that I love their products, and their sets save you money! Since I am a Tula ambassador I do have a 15% off code for you all to use (Kaybella15)

to shop click on the image below